How to Get Free Donuts in The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out video game is really a city-building game. Within the game itself, players buy buildings with cash and buy other premium items with cash via donuts. Players can purchase different quantities of donuts; however, there are several ways to earn free donuts within the game. Here’s how.

1. Players are awarded free donuts on special days. It may be a birthday or holiday, such as Christmas or New Year’s. Players normally receive anywhere from three to fifteen donuts.

2. When a player completes a level, he or she is awarded one to two donuts. The number of donuts depends upon the level.

3. Players may clean up Springfield or Krustyland to earn free donuts. Doing so usually brings a reward of one to two free donuts.

4. An easy way to earn 10 free donuts is to go to Homer’s task list and tap Homer 10 times. Players also earn the statue of Jebediah Springfield when they complete this task.

5. A player can go to Sideshow You and play the balloon popping game. If a player hits the right balloon, he or she can win five free donuts.

6. Every fifth day that a player logs into a game, the player can earn a mystery box. A winning mystery box will earn a player 10 free donuts.

7. Another real easy way to earn some free donuts is to set up an Origin account. By setting up the account, a player receives three free donuts. Players can earn an additional five free donuts if they add one to three friends.

8. A lesser known method of earning free donuts is to contact EA, the manufacturer, with some sort of game issue, if you have one. EA will solve your problem and usually reward you with 20 to 30 free donuts.

The free donuts add up. They can be saved and used to buy those premium items while playing the game.
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