How to Get Free Hero Points in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel puzzle quest is a ‘Freemium’ game. You can play the game for free, but it will be a lot easier to win if you spend some real life cash. In this game, Hero points are the in-game coins.

Here's how you can earn Hero Points for free:

Try these tips:

Earn from Daily Rewards:
If you play for consecutive days, then you will earn progressive rewards. Sometimes you may receive hero points too. So, play consecutively for a few days. You might get lucky!
Play Prologue missions:
Search for the rewards in these missions. If you find missions that have hero points as rewards, play them over and over again to earn more points.
Play SHIELD Versus:
Play a lot hard to level up and earn free hero points. You can click on "Event Rewards" to see how much you need for each reward.
Play Events:
Events come for a limited time. New events come every week. If you play them and are victorious, you will earn hero points. You can also earn coins depending on your rank on the leaderboards when the event ends.