How to Get Honor Badges in Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a combat and strategy game developed by IGG. Heroes can be purchased in four different ways, one being a random gamble using Honor Badges. Follow these few simple steps and you will learn how to get more Honor Badges.

1. Loading the game- To open up the game, tap the Castle Clash icon on your mobile device.

2. Arena rankings- You get Honor Badges every hour depending on your Arena ranking. Naturally, the higher your ranking, the more Badges you get.

3. Daily reward- Sometimes you receive Honor Badges as a Daily Reward for logging in to play.

4. Dungeons- Dungeons are raids you conduct against the computer. It is possible to get Honor Badges this way.

5. Boss fight- If you are in a guild, you will have access to Boss Battles. Should your guild defeat the Boss, Honor Badges are awarded to participants.

6. Hero Expeditions- This is an option found in the Heroes Altar. Completion of Expeditions can yield Honor Badges.

7. Purchase- In the Shop, you can buy Honor Badges once a day at the cost of 50 Gems (premium currency of the game)

8. Quest Board- Once your Town Hall is at level 7, you will get access to the Quest Board. Quest completion can award Honor Badges.