How to Get Pets in The Sims FreePlay

Just like in real life, The Sims FreePlay offers players the opportunity to acquire pets like cats and dogs. Individual sims can interact with pets from their earliest stages. Still, there is a method to obtaining a pet. Follow these simple steps to help your sims acquire a new one.

Step 1
The first thing that must happen is the Pet Store must be built in your town. Having the Pet Store will allow any sim in the town to own a pet. Pets are more than just a companion. They are also a source of Simoleons and Life Points because of their ability to find and dig up all sorts of treasure.

Step 2
When the Pet Store is open for business, your sim can visit the store to choose a pet. To choose a certain pet, select it and tap the “Buy” button. You can choose from a variety of dogs and cats. There are also rabbits for sale in the Pets section of the in-game store. Each different pet carries a different price tag with it.

Step 3
Once you have bought the pet, the will go home with your sim.

Once you have your new pet, you can purchase accessories for it. Do this at the Home Store. When you select the “Pets” tab, you will find a variety of accessories for different animals. It is also possible to obtain fish and horses as pets. These are not available at the Pet Store, though, and must be acquired using a different method.