How To Get Pokemon Go Coins For Free

Pokecoins are the currency in the game which you can buy with real money in order to purchase upgrades in the in app shop. It's where Niantic makes their money from with the microtransactions. They've also made it possible for people to earn these coins in game without spending a dime though if you wish, and here's how.

Step 1)Help defend a gym.
If you find a gym that is already under your own teams control, and there is room for another pokemon inside the gym, you can drop your pokemon off here to help defend it. The more pokemon in a gym, the harder it will be for the enemy teams to capture it. If the gym doesn't have any open spots available for you to help defend it, but it is not level 10, then you can actually level up the gym's prestige level until it grows and you can place a pokemon here to help defend it. Check out my guide here on how to do this.


Step 2)Capture gyms for your own team.
If you can't find a gym that already belongs to your team, you might be on team yellow. But don't worry! That's a good thing. I am too. That just means you have lots of options to take over a gym for yourself. Find a gym of any enemy team and you can battle with them to take control of it for your own team and place your own pokemon inside of it as the new gym leader. It's easier to capture a gym than it is to level one up, because you can use a full team of six pokemon when capturing one, as opposed to only training a gym with one of your pokemon.


Step 3)Collect your free pokecoins!
Now that you either control a gym, or are helping to defend a gym, you can go into the shop menu and tap on the shield in the top right hand corner to collect your reward. When you collect your reward you are granted 500 stardust and 10 pokecoins for each gym that you have a pokemon defending, and you can only collect this reward once per 21 hours. Due to this, it is in your best interests to defend or capture multiple gyms before you collect your reward. Note, that any gyms under your control over 10 do not count towards this reward, but that does mean you can potentially earn 100 pokecoins and 5000 stardust every 21 hours.


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