How to Get Shards in Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a combat and strategy game. In this game, players have a few buildings, troops, and Heroes and they build upon this to create an impenetrable fortress. Heroes can be bought or recruited in several ways, one of which is by collecting Shards. If you want to know how to get more of these Shards, just follow these simple steps:

1. Opening the game- Tap the Castle Clash icon on your device to get the game open and started.

2. Dungeons- You can access the Dungeons map by tapping the Sword icon on the bottom left of your screen. Two options will pop up, and the one that looks like a blue whirlpool opens the Dungeons menu. Each section of the Dungeon you successfully clear gives you a chance at a certain number of Shards.

3. Here Be Monsters- Here Be Monsters is accessed from the cave with a blue swirl inside it. Playing this game mode has 5 waves of bad guys coming to destroy your city. Should your army and natural defenses hold up through all five waves, Shards are part of the reward.

4. Quest Board- Once you’ve got your Town Hall up to level 7, you can access the Quest Board and Shards may be rewarded should you complete the quest set.

Tip- If you finish the set quickly, you’re likely to get better rewards, which could mean more Shards.