How to Get Stickers on Kik

Smilies and emoticons are great, but stickers are another way to make your messages interesting and fun. Each messaging app has their own exclusive set of stickers which are either free or paid. If you are a Kik user or just recently downloaded the app and have no idea where the stickers are, this easy step-by-step will tell you how to get stickers on Kik.

1. One of the methods to get stickers on Kik is to choose the person you want to chat with from your friends list once the app is launched. After that, tap the smiley icon inside the message box to enable to pop-up window. Tap the "+" sign.


2. You will be directed to the Kik store. Below the screen, tap the "Looking for stickers or stamps" link where you will be directed to your Stickers page.


3. On your Stickers page, tap the store icon found on the upper right corner of your screen to access the Sticker Store.


4. On the Sticker Store, tap any sticker to see the details of each sticker pack. You can download the whole pack or just an item.


5. Another way to access the Sticker Shop is by using the Kik browser. Do this by tapping the three dots found on the left corner of your screen.


6. After that, enter the sticker shop URL on the search bar. Once the link appears, tap to access the Sticker Store.