How to Get the Best Elevator in Tiny Tower

As your Tiny Tower gets larger (one might even say that it's not so tiny), your elevator will take awhile to reach the upper floors. You may want to use in-game Bux to upgrade your elevators to the best, fastest elevator in the game. You'll be bringing Bitizens to the top of your skyscraper in no time. Here's how:


1. Open the game by tapping on its icon on your device.

2. Tap on ‘Menu’ on the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Tap on ‘Elevators’ and select your elevator to upgrade it

4. A pop up will come on by telling you the cost of the elevators. Proceed by tapping on 'Upgrade'

5. You can continue to, upgrade until you have the best elevator. It's called the Infini-Lift Lightspeed. Each elevator travels faste rthan the one before it.

6. If you have the Infini-Lift, you'll get an error message if you try to upgrade again – ‘Your Tower has the best elevator’.