How to Get the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds

The Mighty Eagle is a giant, majestic, pig-killing legend. To get the Mighty Eagle in your Angry Birds game, follow the steps below.


Step 1:
Open up your Angry Birds game. Next, tap the gray eye icon next to your Pause icon. You’ll have to pay 99 cents the first time you activate the Mighty Eagle.

Step 2:
Press the same gray eye icon to activate the Mighty Eagle. All of your Birds will immediately disappear, and a can of sardines will appear on your slingshot.

Step 3:
Use the slingshot to fire the can of sardines at the pigs. Wait a few seconds. The Mighty Eagle will emerge from the skies and eliminate not only all of the pigs but also all of the blocks that he encounters. If you put the can of sardines right in front of the pigs, the Mighty Eagle will hit the ground, flail around, and destroy even more of the items around him.

Step 4:
You will not be given any stars when you use the Mighty Eagle. You will be scored on how much the Mighty Eagle disrupted the pigs and their structure. If you score 100% damage, you will get a Total Destruction feather as a reward. Keep in mind that on some levels, you will have to use your birds as well as the Mighty Eagle to earn 100%.

Step 5:
If you use the Mighty Eagle on a level that you have not completed yet, you will have to wait an hour before you can summon the Mighty Eagle again.

Follow the steps above to call forth the Mighty Eagle and wreak havoc on the pigs in your Angry Birds game.
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