How to Get the Most Battery Life Out of Your New iPhone

If you buy an iPhone then you'll want the battery to last all day. Smartphones in general face an issue where the battery drains quickly. You can make your battery last longer by folllowing some instructions. So, here we have come with some very important tips for you regarding your phone’s battery draining issue. Here’s how to get the most battery life out of your new iPhone.

1. Lower the brightness/Turn on Auto Brightness – you can lower the brightness of your phone, it might be difficult to use your phone but it will save your battery life. To do that, navigate to the Settings menu, tap on the Brightness option, and ,using the slider, turn the screen brightness down to low. You can turn on the auto brightness option, so that at night your phone will automatically adjust the screen brightness, which will also help you to get the most out of your battery life.

2. Update to the latest software – you should update to the latest software. But you should do that manually and you should turn off the auto update option as it may harm your battery life.

3. Listen to music through headphones - you can listen to music through headphone unless you need it louder. It will save your battery too.

4. Play videos occasionally – Playing videos on your iPhone makes a big dent in its battery life. By only watching videos on occasion, you'll save power.
5. Play Games sparingly – Some games do a number on the battery, so keep a charger close by if you'll be playing games for a long period of time.
6. Fetch data manually - If you set this option to manual then you can save battery life, as your phone won't always be looking for updates.

7. Turn Wi-Fi Off – Unless you're connected to Wi-Fi, turn it off so it doesn't keep searching for new networks to join.

8. Turn Cellular Data and (especially) 3G/4G off – If you don’t browse the web or don’t need a data connection then you should turn off the Cellular Data.
9. Switch Push Mail to Manual - If you set the push Mail on, then you should switch that to ‘Manual’ if you don’t need it badly. It will save some power.

10. Turn off push notifications – some apps use push notification to notify you about updates, if you badly need to save some battery power then you should turn that off. To do that go to Settings → Notifications and disable notifications.

11. Use location based software occasionally - Some particular apps, such as Maps, use location tracking, so if you don’t need that you can turn that off.

12. When there is no coverage, switch to airplane/offline mode – if you enter into any area without coverage you should switch into offline mode, because if you don’t do that your phone will search for networks which will deplete your battery life.

13. Close apps properly after using them - some of the apps run in background despite you closing them by pressing Home button once, so close them manually by pressing the Home button twice and swiping them away.
14. Lock your phone or turn the auto lock option ON - If you don’t use your phone then lock your phone. But you can also turn on the auto lock option from settings. It will save your battery life.
15. Reduce motion and animations – Animations can be processor intensive, which take a toll on your battery.

16. Disable dynamic backgrounds – if you don’t need it badly then disable dynamic background.
17. Turn Bluetooth off – after using Bluetooth, you should Turn OFF Bluetooth to save battery.

18. Prevent background app refresh – usually your phone refresh apps in background which can drain battery, so you should disable background app refresh.

19. Turn off personal hotspot – after using a hotspot, remember to turn it ‘Off’.

20. Charge your phone properly – let your phone to drain the battery fully before charging & charge fully without interruption.