How to Get Themed Smilies on Kik

One of the features in all messaging apps are smileys or emoticons. These cute faces not only make your messages more interesting, but you can show your emotions through them. If it's your first time to use the app and don't know how to get more smileys, here is a simple how-to guide to get themed smiles on Kik.

1. After launching the Kik app on your phone, you will be taken to the main screen where you can see the list of all your friends.


2. Tap any friend you want to chat with and begin composing your message. You can add a smiley by tapping the icon found on the message box.


3. To get themed smileys, tap the smiley icon to display all the available smileys in the app. Then tap and hold a specific smiley until you see another pop-up box which contains a similar one. Tap to choose.


4. If you want more options, simply tap the plus sign (+) to access the Kik store. Some smileys are free while others need Kik points or kp before you can get them.


5. If you want to purchase themed smileys, simply tap one and you will be asked to transfer the required amount of "kp" to your Kik account. Tap "Confirm" to do that.


6. After tapping "Confirm," Kik will request to link to your Kik account. Tap "Ok" to complete the purchase.