How to Give a Sim a Hobby in The Sims FreePlay

During the play of The Sims FreePlay, your sims can develop different hobbies. Hobbies will vary according to the age your sims. Toddlers’ hobbies differ from the hobbies of an adult. Here is a simple guide to giving your sims a hobby.

Step 1
Choose a hobby for your individual sim. Remember, the types of hobbies available are different depending upon the life stage of your sim. Only adults can take up ghost hunting, for example.

Step 2
Purchase an item that you think your sim will enjoy. For example, if your sim is an adult, you can purchase ghost hunting equipment. Your sim can then get involved in ghost hunting as a hobby.

Step 3
Sims will then take part in the hobby and progress through different levels. Hobbies have six levels and the equipment that you purchase will help your sim advance from level to level.

Each hobby has different tasks or requirements for advancing through its levels. The toddler house, for example, is available only to toddlers (of course) and can be done at home or the swim center. The first time at the toddler house, your sim will be able to access two bears. Your sim will need to find three toys to advance to the next level. In each successive level, your sim will need to find three new toys to continue on to the next level.

Other hobbies at different life stages have similar tasks and requirements. Completing the tasks and meeting the requirements will allow your sim to advance through the levels of his or her hobby.