How to Hide Updates from LinkedIn Connections

By default, your LinkedIn profile is configured to show all your updates only to your connections - the people who are added to your LinkedIn profile.

In most situations, the default configuration is ideal as it is expected that you want to display your current activities on your LinkedIn profile so that your connections can remain updated about your movements and your other deeds. However there might be times when you do not want any of your activities or updates to be visible to your LinkedIn connections or to anyone else.

In order to get this done, you must edit your LinkedIn profile privacy settings. Here’s how:

    ■Turn on your computer system.
    ■Open your favorite web browser.
    ■Open the LinkedIn website by typing the link in the address bar and pressing the Enter key.
    ■If you are not already logged-in, provide your credentials in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign In button.

    ■Once the Home page opens up, hover mouse over the Accounts & Settings icon (icon with the profile pic) at the top-right corner.
    ■From the Account & Settings box, click the Review link representing Privacy & Settings.

    ■If prompted, provide your password in the Password field to continue.
    ■On the opened page, from the lower section, make sure that the Profile tab is selected.
    ■From the displayed options, locate and click the Select who can see your activity feed link under the Privacy Controls section.


10. On the opened Who can see your activity feed pop up box, click the available drop-down list.
11. From the displayed list, click the Only you option to hide the updates from others.

12. Finally, click the Save Changes button to apply the changes.