How to Increase Population in Megapolis

Megapolis is a social game where players start out with a few buildings and some coins to begin developing a massive metropolis. Players build businesses, homes, decorations, city buildings, bridges, utilities, and more to keep their city running and growing. One requirement is to keep the population growing. If you follow these simple steps, you will learn how to increase your population in Megapolis.

1. Opening the game- Tap the Megapolis icon on your mobile device to open up your game.

2. Residential buildings- Residential buildings or homes allow you to increase your population. Each residential building has a certain time to pass before it will add to your population. When the icon appears over the residence, tap the building to gain population. Once you collect, the homes will recharge again, allowing you to collect more people

3. Construction projects- Certain construction projects add to your population. For example, complete construction of the bridge to gain population cap space so you can continue collecting from homes.

4. Infrastructure- Building infrastructure buildings increase your population cap, the maximum number of people you can have in your city.

5. Decorating- Decorations can also increase your population cap, but to get the actual people, you must collect from your residential buildings.

6. Production buildings- Having more production buildings also increase your max population limit. You can only have so many, however, but this limit increases over time and expansion.