How to Install an App on your Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV needs a number of applications to make it a cool entertainment system. Some of the applications come inbuilt in the TV and some you will need to find and install from the Amazon website. Installing an application from the website is a fairly easy job if you do it all in the right way. In this article, we have created a simple tutorial to help you download applications and install them.

Step 1
Update the TV Software
Set up your Fire TV complete with electricity and a Wi-Fi connection. Also, make sure to login to your Amazon account.

• Go to ‘Settings’ section.

• Now scroll down and click on ‘Device’.

• Click on ‘Check for System Update’ to check for the available update.

Step 2
Select ‘Apps’ on Main Menu
Open the main menu on your Fire TV and select ‘Apps’. This will open various categories of applications that you can scroll through. Choose the one you want to install and open it. Any app will come with options like purchase, download and install based on if they are paid or free.

Step 3
Install the App
When you have found the application you want to install, select it using the circular button on the remote and then click on ‘Install’.

Step 4
Open the App
After the application file is downloaded and installed on your TV, open it to enjoy its content. Some apps will open without user id and password but most apps like Netflix will need a user id and password which you will get only on subscription. Once you enter the credentials you can start enjoying the app.

Downloading and installing an app from the Amazon website is an easy job. Just make sure that you have the latest TV software and you understand the basics of downloading and installing. You will also get a lot of help from the TV software which will manage a number of steps in the process automatically.
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