How to Install Google Chromecast

Using Google’s Chromecast, you can easily enjoy all types of media files on your TV. You can watch videos, listen to music and can even mirror your phone or tablet on your TV using Chromecast. And it can be used with many of the latest devices.

But you cannot get the best out of your Chromecast without setting it up. Here's how to install Chromecast so you can start streaming:

Connecting Chromecast:
1. Connect your Chromecast to the power cable.

2. Plug in your Chromecast device to an open HDMI port of your TV,

3. If it doesn’t reach, then you can use the HDMI extender from the box.

4. Connect your Chromecast to a power supply - use the power cable or plug it into the powered USB port on your TV.

5. Switch your TV to the correct HDMI input. Use the input or source button of your TV’s remote control to change the input until you see the Chromecast home screen.
6. Now connect your Chromecast with your home Wi-Fi network. You will need the name and password of your network.

Setting up on Android or iOS device:
1. To get started visit from the browser of your Android or iOS device.
2. Download the application from the Google Play Store or App Store.

3. Install that app on your device and open it.

4. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your iOS device and select your Chromecast.

5. Look for the same device name, which you see on your TV screen.
6. Reopen the Chromecast app and follow the setup instructions on your device.

7. Then select your country.

8. You will see a code on your TV. You will also see a code on your device. Both of them should be same.

9. If the code on your phone or tablet matches with the code of your TV screen, then select “I see the code”.

10. Give your Chromecast a name.

11. Finally select your Wi-Fi network & type your network password.

12. You will be connected!