How to Jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a simple and feature rich entertainment device. This device lets you stream you favorite shows from channels like Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. Many Fire Stick users happy with the content they can access but then there are some who want more. This is where the process of jailbreak comes in.

Jail break is the process of changing the settings of a device, so that they device can access content which is otherwise not allowed or restricted. Jailbreaking is a common procedure across the globe and is done on various devices. This is why, you can easily buy a jailbroken Fire TV but that will cost you more. So, what you can do is a buy a brand new Fire TV and Jailbreak it yourself.
Most people believe that jailbreaking is illegal, but it is not as long as you do not use you Fire TV to watch stolen, pirated or illegal content. If you are looking to jailbreak your Fire TV, follow the simple steps mentioned below. In the first part we will learn about preparing the Fire TV stick for jailbreak. The second part will be the steps to install ES File Explorer and the last part will be to jailbreak the Fire TV with Kodi.

Part 1. Preparing Fire Stick for Jailbreak
Step 1. Select ‘Device’

Navigate to ‘Settings’ on your home screen and select ‘Device’ in it. This will open a further settings.

Step 2. Select ‘Developer Options’
Select ‘Developer Options’ from the ‘Device’ menu. This will open the two settings that you have to toggle.

Step 3. Toggle On ‘ADB Debugging’ and ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’
Toggle On ‘ADB Debugging’ and ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’, this will prepare your Fire TV for jailbreak.

Part 2. Install ES File Explorer on Fire TV
ES File Explorer is a simple and free application that will help you ‘Download’ and ‘Run’ Kodi.

Step 1. Open ‘ES File Explorer’
In the Amazon App Store, type ES File Explorer and open it. This will open the page where you can download it.

Step 2. Click ‘Download’
Click ‘Download’ to install ES File Explorer on your Fire TV.

After the download, click on open to start using this app.

Part 3. Jailbreaking with Kodi
Once you have made the settings mentioned in Part 1 and installed ES File Explorer according to Part 2, you all set to jailbreak your Fire TV.

Step 1. Click ‘Tools’ and ‘Download Manager’>’New’
In your open ES Explorer, click on ‘Tools’ in the left menu and then click ‘Download Manager’ and find ‘New’ below it. Click on ‘New’.

Step 2. Enter the URL for Kodi and ‘Download’ it
When you press new, ES Explorer will prompt you to enter the URL for Kodi and double check it. Click on 'OK'. In the new box click ‘Download.

Step 3. Click ‘Install’
Once the download is complete on the Download Manager, click on ‘Open’ and then Click on 'Install'. This will start the installation of Kodi on your Fire TV.

Step 4. ‘Install’ Kodi Using the Fire TV Remote
The last step is to use your Fire TV remote to give permission to install Kodi. Once you press ‘Install’, the jailbreaking process is over and you should see the Kodi logo on your home screen or in the Apps.
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