How to Join a Group in Yammer

Yammer allows you to easily connect with others in your company, whether they are in the cubicle next to you or an office in a different location. It is a secure social network for a company in which employees and management can connect and discuss news, projects, and other information. One of the best ways to easily connect with your colleagues is to join the different groups on Yammer. To join a group, just follow these easy steps.

Step 1:
The first step to joining a group is to find the group or groups you wish to join. You will want to focus on those that are relevant to your job, such as your team, projects, and department. There are also groups focused on lifestyle and interests, including activities and locations.

Step 2:
Once you have found a group you wish to join, you simply have to click follow on the group's profile page. You can join as many groups as you wish, but remember you will be receiving updates from each one. Therefore, you should focus only on the groups that will provide relevant information.

Step 3:
Once you have joined all the groups you wish to join, you should adjust the notifications you receive so that you will always be able to focus on the information that is a priority. You can change how often you receive notifications so that you will always see the information you wish to see.

Joining a group on Yammer is easy. You just have to click on the follow button on the information page for the group. If a group is no longer relevant to you, simply click the unfollow button.