How to Keep your MacBook Pro Clean

Keeping your MacBook Pro clean is essential for its optimal and full functioning. Here are the steps to follow when cleaning your MacBook Pro.


1. Cleaning Products

First ensure you purchase the right cleaning materials which are compatible with your computer and won’t damage it. Ensure your read the label to ascertain if the cleaning material is approved for computer use. Avoid the following items as they may spoil your computer finish:
• Cleaners with hydrogen peroxide in them
• Abrasives
• Aerosol sprays
• Any Solvents
Always use lint-free, soft clothes. Avoid using textured cloths or paper towels as they are abrasive.


Shut Down Your MacBook Pro

Shut down your computer completely and unplug the power adapter. If the battery is removable, make sure you remove it. Cleaning your MacBook Pro while is powered on or is in sleep mode might compromise the opened programs or documents.


2. Use An Air Duster To Remove Dust From Hard To Reach Areas

With precision, carefully blow air into the ports, screen and keyboard using an air duster.
• Blow the air over the areas for some couple minutes if you haven’t cleaned your computer for a while.
• Avoid spilling the liquid contained in the air duster into your MacBook Pro. If you accidentally spill, dry the liquid and wait for some couple minutes. After few minutes, shake the can and continue blowing.


3. Use Your Fan Brush To Brush The Edges Of Your MacBook Pro

Use your fan brush to remove any dust which might have accumulated on the edges of your computer as a result of the air duster. Carefully brush outwards at the ports to remove the dust

4. Use LCD Cleaner Or Water To Clean The Screen

Apply small amount of LCD cleaner or water on a clean soft cloth. Use the barely damp cloth to polish your screen. Do not apply the cleaner or water directly to the screen. Also, avoid wetting any openings or ports.
• To avoid streaking, work in a circular motion


5. Use LCD Wipes To Wipe Off Any Remaining Water Or Oil In The Screen

Dry off your screen completely with the LCD wipes. This added touch is great for screens which are much dirtier.

6. Use A Damp, Soft, Lint-free Cloth To Clean The Exterior Of Your MacBook Pro

Always, be careful not to wet any of your MacBook Pro openings. Do not spray your computer directly with any liquid.
• Apply your soft cloth gently on the computer body, both outside and inside.
• Clean your keyboard using a slightly damp cloth. Use very minimal water for optimal results. If you decide to use cleaner, make sure the brand you are using is certified as safe for computers. Apply the cleaner on the piece of cloth and not directly to your keyboard. Ensure you wipe off excess cleaner to avoid damaging your MacBook Pro’s finish.
• Use dry cotton swabs to remove any dirt stuck in between the keys.
• Due to the sensitivity of the trackpad, do not use any liquid to clean it. Use a slightly damp, lint-free cloth and ensure you have completely dried it using another clean, lint-free cloth.
• Use a dye-free cloth to clean the nonslip rubber on the bottom of your computer to avoid discoloration.


7. Use A Clean, Dry Microfiber Cloth To Dry The Entire MacBook Pro

This is the final stage where you polish and remove any remaining cleaning agent on your MacBook Pro.