How to Learn a New Language with Duolingo

Duolingo is an app that allows you to learn languages. Each language is divided into beginner and intermediate levels with five lessons. Here is a step-by-step guide how to learn a new language with Duolingo.

1. Download the Duolingo app first from the Play Store or App Store After that, launch the app by tapping the Duolingo icon on your phone.

2. Upon your first use, the main page will ask whether you are a new or existing user. Tap the option which best applies to you.


3. If you tap "New User," the next page will let you choose the language you like to learn. You can also tap "More" to see more options.


4. Once you have decided the language you want to learn, the next step is choosing which level you are in - beginner or intermediate. Tap the option which best applies to you.


5. The first part of the lesson includes learning basic vocabulary which includes the pronunciation. As the lesson progresses, you learn phrases and basic sentence formation with easy tests. After you successfully finish the lesson, the next one will be unlocked.


6. If you want to learn another language, just go to the main page and tap another language.
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