How to Link Cookie Jam to Facebook

SGN’s mobile game Cookie Jam is a puzzle-matching game. An adorable bear needs your help baking and boxing desserts, and you do this by making matches of three or more of the same color cookies. The goals become tough to achieve as the levels go on, but with power-ups and friends, your chances of victory are greatly improved. You can connect the game to Facebook, and the following steps will get you connected.

1. Starting the game- Tap the Cookie Jam icon on your mobile device to get the game opened and started.

2. At the beginning, or anywhere in between- You will have plenty of opportunities to connect to Facebook, starting when you first play the game. You will also g3 reminded in between each level to connect to Facebook. You can also do it in the Settings menu by tapping the gear icon in the lower right corner, then tapping the other gear icon that pops up.

3. Connecting to Facebook- Wherever you like to do it, tap connect to Facebook to begin the connection. You will receive a message saying Cookie Jam wants to access your public profile and friends list. Tap OK to confirm this. Now you are connected.