How to Link Your Instagram Account with Facebook Using iPhone

If you have profiles on both Instagram and Facebook, it is likely that you would want to exchange your images from your profile on one social networking site with another. Fortunately it is easier to share your Instagram photos to your Facebook profile using iPhone, provided you have successfully linked the two accounts..

Your Instagram and Facebook accounts are automatically linked as soon as you share your Instagram photo to your Facebook profile for the fist time. When you do so, an album named Instagram Photos is created in your Facebook’s Photos page where you can place all other images that you want to share from Instagram.

Here is how you can link your Instagram and Facebook accounts:

    ■Press the Sleep/Wake button to switch on your iPhone.
    ■Swipe your finger to the right on the screen (screen saying slide to unlock) to unlock the device.

    ■From the Home screen, locate and tap Instagram to launch the app.

    ■Once Instagram opens up, tap the Camera icon (square icon) from the bottom.

    ■On the opened camera window, focus the object and tap the circle from the bottom to capture the image.

    ■Once the picture is clicked, optionally you can add effects to the photo by tapping any of the buttons below representing the filters you want to use.
    ■After this, tap NEXT from the top-right corner.

    ■On the Share to window, you can add a caption to your image in the Write a Caption field.
    ■On the same window, tap Facebook.

    ■If/When prompted, provide your Facebook login credentials in the Email or Phone and Password fields, and tap Log In to link the Facebook account with Instagram.

    ■Finally, tap SHARE from the Share to window to share the image on your Facebook timeline, hence linking the two accounts.