How to Listen to Songs from Shazam on Other Services

Shazam is a mobile application which helps you identify the music you are listening to. In its early days, Shazam allows users to listen to previews of the songs. Now, it has teamed up with other services so you can listen to the whole track. Here's how you can listen to songs from Shazam using other services.

1. If you have Shazam on your phone already, tapthe icon on your phone screen to launch the app. If none, you can download it from the Play Store or App Store.


2. After launching it, play any kind of music on an audio device and tap "Tagging" or just the screen itself to start "shazamming."


3. Once the app identifies the music, it will display all the information you need to know about the song including the artist, tour dates, and sharing options. It also provides links to other services where you can listen to the song from Shazam. Rdio is available in most countries while Spotify is limited in several countries and Beats is only in the United States. You can also watch the music video on YouTube. Just tap the link to the service you want to use and you will be re-directed.