How to Live Stream on Youtube?

There is a big market for online streaming, whether it is gaming, music, apps, business meeting or whatever the case might be. Twitch is a big player in the streaming business, but YouTube is about to get a piece of the cake. The streaming on YouTube is still in beta mode so we expect a lot of fine tuning and changes as time progresses. Here is a quick tutorial on how to live stream on YouTube.

How to Set Up Live Stream from Start to Finish?

1. Create a Youtube Studio
First things first, if you haven’t created a YouTube Studio, do so by following this step
Just at the upper right-hand corner of your YouTube screen, click on the icon and a pop-up screen will? display prompting you to create a studio.



After creating a new studio, your screen should prompt you to create a new event where you can set up the modalities of the event to begin the live stream process.


If you already have a Studio set up just navigate to the live streaming beta button (under creator studio) to set up your event.

2. Schedule the Date and Time for the Live Stream
Next, you need to schedule the date and time for the live stream event. If you will be live streaming immediately there will be no need to schedule a future date, just title your event and you will be good to go.


3. Title Your Event
Give your event a befitting title of what you will be live streaming. That way your subscribers will be aware of what it’s all about. Don’t forget to add tags and make sure your title is relevant to the event.


4. Next, Create the Event
Once you have set the date and title of the event, go straight to the top right-hand corner where an Icon says, “Create event”. Click on the icon to create the event. Once that is done, all your subscribers will be notified via their feeds of the upcoming or present events you have set up.


5. Set Up your Stream
After you get the event set up you will need to set up your stream. To do that, navigate to the left-hand corner and click on “steam now” just above the event link and a streaming screen will appear. It is from this area that you will customize the feel and control of your live stream when your event starts.


There is a live streaming checklist box just below the streaming video that tells you what you have to do.

6. Set Up your Encoding Software
First, you will have to set up your encoding software (Like OBS) that will help with the live stream. If you are using OBS, go to stream (in OBS) and navigate to settings. Then set the service to YouTube to collect your streaming key.


Once you have your streaming key go back to YouTube and paste it into the stream key box that is within the Encoder Setup box. Now make sure your streaming software is ready to go with your webcam and desktop also ready.


7. Finalize your Stream Settings in YouTube and "Go Live"
After you have set up your encoding software, add the information for your Stream using the basic information box, set up basic stream options or even monetize with AdSense via the monetization tap. There is also a chat box screen that helps you interact with your viewers.
After all is set and done, you can go live and view the analytics of your live streaming just below the YouTube streaming app.