How to Lock Your Samsung Galaxy Gear

Locking your Samsung Galaxy Gear adds an additional layer of security to your device, prompting you to provide a PIN number before use.

Your Samsung Galaxy Gear automatically gets locked as soon as your Samsung Galaxy smartphone – to which the Galaxy Gear is connected via Bluetooth – goes out of the range and the two devices are disconnected. When this happens, you must manually unlock your Samsung Galaxy Gear in order to use it.

The lock system on your Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch can be enabled by following the steps given below:

    ■Swipe the Clock screen of the Samsung Galaxy Gear to the left to go to Menu.
    ■From the Menu screen, keep sliding the screen and tap Settings.
    ■Once the Settings screen appears, tap Privacy lock.
    ■On the Privacy lock screen, tap the PIN option.
    ■On the opened Enter PIN screen, provide the desired 4 digit numeric password and tap Next from the bottom-right corner.
    ■Re-type to confirm the password on the next screen.
    ■Once the password is confirmed, tap OK in order to apply the lock security on your Samsung Galaxy Gear.