How to Make a Clan in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy game in which you have to defend your village from intruders as well as attack others to win. Making your own clan and taking a leadership role will enhance the game. Here’s how to make a clan in Clash of Clans.

1. You have to rebuild the clan castle to make your own clan. Building the clan castle is not that easy. You will need 40,000 gold to rebuild the clan castle.

2. After earning that amount of gold, tap on the clan castle of your village. After that tap on ‘Rebuild’ to rebuild the clan castle.

3. Tap on the clan castle and tap on ‘clan’. Then a pop up will appear with two tabs, they are- ‘Join Clan’ and ‘Create Clan’.

4. Tap on ‘Create Clan’. And fill up the blank boxes of that tab

5. Then provide an attractive but uncommon name to your clan on the blank box next to ‘Clan Name’. Because, it will be easy to find your clan later.

6. Tap on ‘Browse’ next to ‘Symbol’ and choose the Clan Symbol.

7. On the ‘Description’ box add an attractive description about your Clan. Write in details what are the rules and about donations.

8. On the ‘Clan Type’ option select ‘Anyone can join’, though you can select other options too if you want.

9. On the option ‘Minimum trophies to join’, give your desired number of trophies.

10. On ‘War Frequency’ set the clan war frequency as your requirement.

11. On ‘Clan Location’ set your clan’s location by tapping on ‘Browse’.

12. Note that those options may vary depending on your device type and the game version.

13. Finally, tap on ‘40000’ gold and your clan will be created.