How to make a safe smart home your kids will love


By their very nature, kids are not interested in safety, being safe or playing safely. To build a safe smart home your kids will love means keeping all those safety aspects as interesting or as invisible as possible. Here are a few ways to achieve that.

Smart door and window locks
What could be cooler for a child than to take their school friends home and show them unlocking and opening their front door without using a key? Smart security solutions can achieve just that. They will also monitor who is home and when, what windows are open and more. They can also integrate into smart home hubs for more utility.

Smart lighting

I don’t think there is a child anywhere who turns off the lights when they leave a room so why not automate it? Using smart bulbs or motion sensors, you can configure your smart lights to come on automatically when your kids arrive home. They can also switch on and off automatically as they move around your house and provide colored and dimmed lighting to help them sleep.

Video cameras
While nobody likes to be watched, you can give your child more independence if you can watch them discreetly while they enjoy their freedom. There are a range of IP cameras that work with a smartphone or smart home hub to provide round the clock surveillance of your children and your home.

Video doorbell
If you have to leave your children home alone, knowing who comes to the door and when is a very useful tool. It enables you to intercept callers without letting them know there are children on their own. You can also see what friends come to visit and how long they stay too.

Smart refrigerator
A smart refrigerator doesn’t just alert you when you’re getting low on supplies, it can also let you know when doors are left open, if power is cut, when someone takes something and more. What better way to keep your kids happy than to automatically order their favorite treat when they take the last one?

Smart home hub
Being able to stream music remotely or control your room with your voice is way too cool to ignore. Products such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and others all react to voice commands and can provide hours of entertainment for kids.

Those are just a few ways to make a safe smart home your kids will love. Have any other ideas? Tell us about them below!

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