How To Make Free Voice Calls With Facebook Messenger

In addition to allowing users to communicate with their friends, relatives, colleagues etc. over text messages, Facebook Messenger also allows them to initialize the voice calls.

In order to initiate the voice calls using Facebook Messenger, you must be signed-in to your Facebook account on the messenger.

Here is how you can perform voice calls using Facebook Messenger on your Android smartphone:

    ■Log on to your Android phone.
    ■Tap the menu icon to display the apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the Messenger app icon.

    ■On the Home interface, tap the View Contacts icon (icon with the three horizontal lines) from the top.

    ■On the next interface, from the PEOPLE WITH MESSENGER list under the MESSENGER tab, from the list of people who are available on messenger, tap the desired contact.

    ■Once done, on the user’s interface, tap the phone icon from the top-right corner to initiate a voice call with the selected person.