How to make secure passwords

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May 27, 2015
Passwords are extremely important for your personal security and this is why I'm writing this guide. Many people believe that a password is a password and that no one will ever hack your accounts and that there's no risk at all. Sadly this is not true and this is why I have some accounts with 50 character passwords (a bit overkill I admit!)

Important password information:

  • Never use the same password for more than one account
    Never use personal information - Birthdays,Dates,Ages,Names, etc
    Use passwords that are at least 12+ characters long
    Never use passwords that could be guessed/easily cracked
    Always use letters, capitals/lower case, numbers, symbols/punctuation
    Check your passwords to How Secure Is My Password?

Link to password checking website (Note: this website is encrypted and does not steal your passwords):


Most common passwords:

  • Password
    Your kid's name


Make your passwords yourself:

A great method of creating passwords is to come up with a unique password technique. If you make your own personal technique then hackers will not be able to guess your passwords unless they know the technique.

For example, a technique some people use includes reading the Bible and taking their favourite Bible passages and turning them into passwords:


This password cannot be hacked by a computer in 1 SEPTENVIGINTILLION YEARS!


Encrypted messages/text:

You could take the first letter of each word in a sentence and using alternating capitals/lower case characters with symbols in between or at start/end and numbers for the length of the words.

For example: @ThIgBIhLoNp48256234246
*This stands for @Tom'shardwareIsgreatBecauseIthasLotsofNicepeople48256234246


Encrypted messages/techniques take a bit of imagination/creativity to think of but once you find a style you can remember then you can use them for all your passwords without any issues.

Randomly generated passwords:

Randomly generated passwords are the most effective, strongest and most secure method of password creation but they are the least used. Randomly generated passwords are hard to remember but perfect for stopping hackers break into your accounts!

For example: swe6aYak2vEmE5hU
*This takes 38 Billion Years to crack!



Storage of passwords:

Storing your passwords is actually just as important as creating decent passwords. If you have strong passwords but have them on post it notes all over your desk then you need to get organised and efficient.

My personal favourite ways for storing passwords include:

  • Encrypted Word Documents with all passwords for all my account
    Printed copies (3 copies) of my Word Document
    LastPass stored passwords
    Dashlane stored passwords
    Norton Identity Safe

LastPass, Dashlane & Norton Identity Safe are all free secure password generators/storage applications/add-ons. These three programs save you time when you log in by saving all your passwords for each site you use & automatically inputting them into login pages. LastPass is my personal favourite but I have used all of these and they all work extremely well.



Norton Identity Safe:


Make sure you understand the importance of a good password, create or generate your own passwords and store them using safe/secure software packages like the ones mentioned above. You don't need 40/50 character randomly generated passwords like me but I do recommend always using passwords over 12 characters at least.

Hopefully this Tutorial has helped you and thank you for reading :)

More Tutorials will be coming soon:

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    How to clean/maintain your PC
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