How To Make Wrapped Candy in Candy Crush Saga

It’s hard to be a casual Candy Crush Saga player – once you’ve tried it, you’re hooked! If you’re having trouble figuring out how to make wrapped candy in Candy Crush Saga, just follow the easy steps below.

Step 1:
Open up Candy Crush Saga and start your game.

Step 2:
Look for five pieces of candy that look the same. You can only make a wrapped candy by positioning the pieces in a specific shape.

Step 3:
Swipe away adjacent candies to get your matching pieces of candy into one of these shapes: a plus sign, an L, or a T. You may need to play a level for a while or shuffle your candies before you are able to get your pieces lined up in the right order for this combo.

Step 4:
You’ll earn 200 points for every piece of wrapped candy that you create. Just keep swiping away adjacent pieces until you finally get your matching pieces to line up in a plus sign, an L, or a T.

Step 5:
Experience the special powers of wrapped candy! Activate your new wrapped candy in a 3-piece combination in order to create an explosion that will eliminate all of the eight candies around it. You’ll earn an extra 540 points for the explosion.

Step 6:
If you encounter frosted meringues or chocolates, use the wrapped candy explosion to break through the obstacles.

Follow the simple steps above to create wrapped candies and add an explosive edge to your Candy Crush Saga game.