How to Make Your Cat Go to Sleep in My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is a virtual pet game by Outfit 7. You can talk to it and it repeats everything you say. You can feed it, play mini games, send it to the bathroom, and pet it. Another activity you can do is put your Tom to bed so he can get some sleep. The following guide will help you get your cat into bed and give Tom some sweet dreams, so read on to learn how to do this.

1. Opening the app- Tap the My Talking Tom icon on your mobile device to open up the game.

2. Knowing your actions- At the bottom of your game screen, you’ll see 5 icons. They are: a shopping cart, a smiley face, a fork and spoon, a toilet, and a crescent moon with stars around it. Tap the moon and stars icon.

3. Bedroom- You are now in Tom’s bedroom with Tom safely under the covers. Now, above the moon and stars is another icon, which is a light bulb. Additionally, there is a lamp on the bedside table on the right. Tap either the lamp or the light bulb icon. Tapping either one of these shuts off the light and sends Tom to sleep. He will not go to sleep until the light is off. Also, if his sleep meter is nearly full, he will not go to sleep, even with the light off.