How to Make Your Macbook Pro Battery Last Longer

Although the MacBook is known to have strong battery life, the number of hours a Mac book lasts also depends on how owners customize their laptops. If you are looking for ways to improve the battery life on your Mac, the following steps will help you achieve just that.

Step 1
Check Battery Condition of Your MacBook Pro

Check your battery health information to see if its possible to improve the battery life of your computer. To check the battery health information of your MacBook Pro, hold down the ‘Option key’ as you click on the battery status icon on your computer. This will show you information as regarding your computer battery condition.

Step 2
Switch on battery percentage

Turning on battery percentage helps you to monitor the condition of your battery, hence enabling you study the performance level of your battery. Turning on battery percentage will help you figure out quickly when your battery begins to develop problems. To effect this change, head to the 'Menu bar' and click on the 'Battery icon' then select 'Show Percentage'.

Step 3
Activate Energy Saver

Due to the high power consumption tendencies of the Mac, you would need to ensure power usage is efficiently allocated in a way that optimizes battery life. To do this, you need to switch on energy saver. To activate energy saver, Launch the 'Apple menu' and click on ‘System Preferences’. Next, select ‘Energy Saver’ then turn on all the options listed to save energy.

Step 4
Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Turning off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use can boost battery’s life. To turn off Wi-Fi, tap on ‘Airport’ in the menu bar and turn Wi-Fi off. To turn off the Bluetooth click the 'Bluetooth icon' in the menu bar and click on 'Turn Bluetooth off'.

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