How to Manage Saved Credit Card Info in iOS 11

When you add your credit or debit card as your payment method for iTunes & App Store purchases, along with your iOS device, the card’s information also gets associated with your Apple ID, and is reflected on all the Apple devices you’ve signed in using your account.
Since you may have more than one credit or debit cards, iOS 11 allows you to change, or even remove the payment method from your iDevice in a few easy steps. Here’s how:
    Get to the Apple ID window
    Tap Settings, and then tap your Apple ID from the top of the Settings window. This takes you to the Apple ID window that lets you manage your account related settings.


    Verify your ID
    Tap Payment & Shipping, tap your Apple ID’s password in the available field, and tap OK. Doing so ensures that you are the correct person to manage your saved credit card info on the iDevice.


    Manage the saved card info
    Tap the associated card on the Payment & Shipping window, make the required modifications on the Payment Details window, and tap Save from the top-left. This replaces the previous saved details with the new ones, and saves the changes on both your iOS 11 device and your associated Apple ID.


    Remove the associated credit or debit card

Optionally scroll down to the bottom of the Payment Details page, and tap Switch to None. This de-associates the credit or debit card associated with your iOS device and Apple ID. Note: The Switch to None option is available only when there is no payment pending with iTunes and App Store, and the Family Sharing feature is turned off.