How to Migrate From Apple iOS to Android Marshmallow

Switching from an Android phone to an Android phone can be daunting, but when you switch operating systems as well, like iOS to Android it can be even worse. Getting a new phone is a double edge sword because on one hand you are excited about the new phone but on the other you don’t want to move everything over. Well I think I have found the easiest solution to go from iOS to Android Marshmallow and am sharing the process with you below. You will first do a backup and then a restore, we recommend being on Wi-Fi before you continue.

Steps ONE - EIGHT need to be done on iOS

Step 1- Open the App Store, search for idrive and install the first option

Step 2- Go to the home screen, then locate and touch iDrive Online

Step 3- Press Sign up

Step 4- Type in an email address and a password

Step 5- Tap Next

Step 6- Select all the info you want backed up

Step 7- Press Backup your device

Step 8- Press OK to allow access to your info and press OK on the Backup progress screen

Steps NINE - SIXTEEN need to be done on Android

Step 9- Open The Play Store, search for iDrive and install the first option

Step 10- Go into your App drawer and open iDrive Online

Step 11- Press Login

Step 12- Enter the same email and password from step 4

Step 13- Touch Login

Step 14- Press the back button then choose Access and Restore

Step 15- Select your iOS device

Step 16- Touch the restore icon for each set of info you want to restore

Once everything is restored you will be able to locate all of your information on your Android phone that was on your iOS device. You can use this same method to move things from Android to iOS if you ever needed to.