How To Mine In Minecraft Pocket Edition

The goal of Minecraft Pocket Edition is to secure valuable materials by mining. However, jumping into the game and mining immediately is tough: first, you will need to create a useful mine. Use the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Understand where the resources are in Minecraft. You can mine several different kinds of materials or resources. The most common resource is coal ore, which appears everywhere. Once you’ve mined coal ore, you can access valuable and rare resources:
Diamond is available in the bottom 16 map layers.
Gold ore appears in the lower 32 layers.
Iron ore appears from the bedrock level to just above sea level.
Lapis lazuli ore is found at 31 layers and lower.

Step 2: Create a dropping mine by a building your mine as a continuously dropping drift tunnel, heading down until you
reach the edge of the world. You won’t need to use ladders, and you can still reach the bottom level.

Step 3: Bring the right equipment when mining. Make sure you have at least one pickaxe made of wood, stone, iron, or diamond and an array of torches. Bring food as well so that you don’t need to keep returning to the shelter.

Step 4: Keep mining and you’ll see that you get a lot of coal ore and a small amount of the other available resources. The other materials are much rarer, but if you stick with mining, you will find them.
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