How to Move a Floor in Tiny Tower

In Tiny Tower, gamers can construct their tower, provide work to citizens and earn bux (in game currency). You can easily construct your tower by adding floors. When the number of floors gets overwhelming, it may be time to reorganize. Here's how you can move floors in Tiny Tower.

1. Open the game by tapping on the icon on your device.

2. If you have enough floors then you can move them right away. But other than you have to add floors by tapping on the ‘Add Floor’ icon on the screen. Which will cost you some in-game currency.

3. Wait for the floor to be stocked. It will take some time.

4. Once the added floors are stocked, you just tap on any floor which you want to move. An option will appear on the lower side of the floor named as ‘Move’.

5. Tap on ‘Move’ and two arrows will appear on the screen.

6. If you want to move your floor upward then tap the up pointed arrow. And if you want to move downward then tap on the down pointed arrow.

7. After reaching your desired section of the tower tap on the big red ‘Cross’ button to move the floor to that location.