How to Navigate and Customize the New Control Center in iOS 11

Control Center in your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 allows you to quickly access your most frequently used apps, even when your device is locked.
Navigating Control Center
To get to Control Center, all you need to do is swipe your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top. This works through your device, i.e. from your lock screen or while working on an app from within its interface. Once you open Control Center, you can:
    Turn off or on Wi-Fi
    Tap the toggle Wi-Fi icon in the Control Center. This will switch the current state of Wi-Fi to the other, i.e. from off to on or vice-versa.

    Adjust the display brightness
    Move the Brightness slider up or down. Doing so will increase or decrease the brightness of the screen accordingly.

    Adjust music volume
    Move the Volume slider up or down. This will increase or decrease the volume of the speakers of your device accordingly.

    Turn on flashlight
    Tap the Torch icon. This will turn on the flashlight on your phone. To turn off the flashlight, tap the Torch icon again.

    Switch to Airplane mode

Tap the Airplane icon. This will switch your iPhone to Airplane mode where you won’t be able to make or receive calls or messages, or use your cellular data. Tap the Airplane icon again to turn off Airplane mode and use your phone normally.

In addition to the above, other apps and features that you can access from Control Center include:
[listNum]■Music app to play music
■Enable screen mirroring
■Enable or disable Do Not Disturb
■Turn on or off Bluetooth and cellular data
■Timer, etc.

Customizing Control Center
The best part is, iOS 11 allows you to customize Control Center where you can add or remove the apps as per your needs. Customizing Control Center in your iDevice is a simple process, and here’s how it can be done:
    Open the Control Center customization window
    Tap Settings from the Home screen, and then tap Control Center from the Settings window. This will take you to the window from where you can customize Control Center.


    Enable or disable Access Within Apps
    Turn the Access Within Apps button off. This is an optional step and is definitely not recommended. If you turn the Access Within Apps button off, you can only access Control Center from the Home screen or lock screen, and not while you’re within an app. Likewise, leaving the button turned on enables you get to Control Center throughout your device whatsoever.

    Adding apps to Control Center
    Tap Customize Controls, and from the MORE CONTROLS section, tap the + sign next to your preferred app (Notes for this example). This will move the app to the INCLUDE category and add it to Control Center, thus allowing you to access the program along with the other default apps that are already present in there.




    Removing apps from Control Center

Tap the - sign next to the unused app from the INCLUDE category (Camera for this example), and then tap Remove. This will move the program back to the MORE CONTROLS section, and will remove the app from Control Center.