How To Open Amazon Fire TV Remote?

The Amazon Fire TV brings with it a wireless remote-control device that should recognize the TV set once installed with the provided batteries. One of the reasons you might want to open the remote is installing it with new batteries, and most new users find this task quite challenging. Here is how you should open and use the Amazon Fire TV remote.

For Alexa Voice Remote, Follow The Following Steps

Remote Opening

■Press the door at the back with some reasonable force and then pull it upwards to open
■Pull the battery door away and insert AAA batteries
■Carefully put the door back and press it down into place

Remote Setup And Navigation

For easy navigation and setup, you need to study the device well. Make sure you can easily identify and locate the following functions:

■The Microphone button allows you to operate the TV using your voice. For instance, you can search for TV shows, get weather and news, play music, and launch apps. To achieve this, you need to press and hold the Voice button and give oral directions before releasing it.
■Directional Navigation button allows you to move from one option to another by scrolling left, right, down, and up.
■Select button allows you to confirm choosing the option or the item as highlighted on the display.
■The Home button will help you go back to the Home Screen if you want to start the whole process afresh.
■Menu button allows you to view and work with more options, according to the function selected on the screen at a particular moment.
■The Back button will help you revisit your previous actions or the screen.
■The Rewind button helps you to play, fast-forward, rewind or pause audio or video.

In case your Amazon Fire TV Remote can’t connect, pair or sync with the TV set, you can open it and replace the batteries. This is because the device is power hungry and only works best with brand new batteries. At the same time, removing and replacing the batteries might help the device’s system to refresh and work better.

If this does not work, try restarting the TV set. This also helps in refreshing the system which removes any logical barriers that might hinder its normal functioning. If this still fails to bring the remote back to life, try inspecting it more closely, this time on the inside. Inspect the connectors to ensure that battery acid has not leaked and damaged them. To keep off this issue in future, ensure you use quality batteries that do not leak arbitrarily.
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