How to Opt Into the Multiplayer Beta for Stardew Valley

Fans of the popular game Stardew Valley have been clamoring for the multi-player option for a good while now, and their calls have been answered. The developers of the game have introduced a multiplayer beta that allows for multiple players to co-op in the game. This article is a step by step guide on how to enable it.

The beta is stable for now, and as a player who have downloaded the beta; I have reported no sign of visible performance degradation in the game. The Beta brings with it a wealth of changes, as you can imagine. The Beta allows for three of your friends to live on your land. You can decide to share the farm, your money, and the world updates with your friends, but inventory and skills cannot be shared. This may change with a future update, though. It also brings other changes, for example, you can now marry another player. While this is a multiplayer beta, the host is still in charge. (For example, the host decides when everyone needs to go to sleep.)

How to enable the Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta:

The downloading of the beta file is simple and relatively bug-free. Despite the stability of the download, steamboat studios strongly advises the players to first backup their data. A few people have reported a loss of progress and all important files and dates in the game. So save yourselves from future trouble, and perform a quick backup.

1. To download the Beta, you will first need to enter Stardew Valley’s library. A right-click on the Stardew Valley library will reveal a menu.

2. Go through the options and open the properties. This should lead you to a beta tab. The beta tab will require a password. Type in the password jumpingjunimos.

3. After typing in the password, recheck it to ensure accuracy. A small mistake will mean that you will have to retype the password and a few seconds’ worth of rechecking the password will save you from having to retype it.

4. After ensuring that the password is right; press the check code button. If typed correctly. The checkbox should lead directly to a drop-down box.

5. It should give you some options (or maybe just one depending on the version of the game and the date). Select the multiplayer Beta and that will prompt the game to download the version 1.3.

The Stardew Valley multiplayer beta is a good step in the right direction it has brought forth a host of changes that the players will appreciate. A few will be left disappointed by the results, but this is a start, and more is yet to follow.

So, to summarize: if you want the Beta: head over to the library>Properties> Beta’s tab> type in jumpingjunimos> press enter> select the multi-player Beta, and then wait as the multiplayer downloads.