How to Pin Google Search to Your Windows Phone Start Screen

You can pin any website to the start screen on your Windows Phone. Having a tile is a quick way to get to your favorite website. Using the same process, you can make a tile for Google Search on your start screen. There are several ways to do this, and here we cover two.

1. Open Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone.
2. Then go to Google’s homepage on your browser
3. On the lower right-hand corner of your phone’s screen, there will be a (more) button. Click on that button

4. From the pop up you should tap on ‘Pin to start’.

5. Then you will find this page as a tile on your start screen.
6. If you want you can resize & re-position the tile.

Here's another way to do it:
1. Open the Internet Explorer on your phone.
2. Then go to settings of Internet Explorer and change the view mode into Mobile.
3. Switch off your phone or reboot your phone.
4. Open the Internet Explorer on your windows phone
5. Go to from Internet Explorer
6. Now, you will see an option ‘Pin Google to your start screen’ on the Google’s homepage. Tap on that.

7. You will be redirected to a new full blue page with Google’s logo. Then tap on the more(…) button from the bottom right corner

8. Then tap on ‘Pin to start’ option. You will find this page on the start screen from now on.