How to Play Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a hit game apps in iOS and Android in which you slice fruit falling from the sky.. Slicing the fruits is a pretty easy task but if you want to earn more points and become a ninja master, you have to do more than slicing fruit by fruit. Here's how you play fruit ninja and rack up points as a master ninja.

1. Choose the Mode.
Fruit Ninja has three different modes to choose from - Zen, Classic, and Arcade. Choose which mode you want to play. No matter which mode you choose, the objective is the same and that is to slice as many fruits as you can.


2. Get Combos
If you really want to rack up points, don't slice the fruits one by one. Instead create combos by slicing 2 or more fruits simultaneously or with one swipe. The number of fruits you slice in each combo earns you the same number of points in addition to the normal score. For example, you get five extra points if you have a 5-fruit combo, three points in a 3-fruit combo, and so on. In order to create combos, you have to use more than just one finger.


3. Get Blitzes
Blitzes are extra points after you created enough combos. There are six different blitzes - Combo, Great, Awesome, Super, Hyper, and Unbelievable blitzes. You receive a combo blitz after 3 combos in a row, Great Blitz after 6 combos, Awesome Blitz after 9 combos, and the biggest is Unbelievable Blitz after 18 in a row. You receive 5 points plus the combo points in a Combo Blitz. The bigger the blitz, the higher the points.


4. Get Bananas
Special bananas mean huge extra points. Try to get any of the three bananas. Freeze lets the fruits move in slow motion giving you extra time to slice as many fruits as you can. Frenzy gives you as many fruits as you can without worrying for bombs, while double points double every point you have including combos and blitzes.


5. Be Careful of Bombs
Bombs are the traps you have to avoid whatever mode you play in. However, your game ends once you hit a bomb in Classic mode. In Arcade mode, however, you get minus 10 points for each bomb you hit and prevents any blitz from coming.


6. Listen to Sound Cues
The game has sound cues which help you prepare whether a bomb is coming or not. If you hear a ticking sound, then it is much better to use short strokes rather than long swiping ones to avoid hitting the bombs.