How to Play SongPop

SongPop is a musical trivia game developed by Fresh Planet. This game has songs from all genres including metal, rap, hip hop, country classics and contemporary, even television and movies. This game got its start on Facebook and it wasn’t long before it hit the mobile app scene. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll know how to play in no time.
1. Opening the game- Tap the SongPop icon to open the game. Tip- You’ll want to raise your volume high or use headphones.
2. Signing in- You will have the option to sign in via Facebook or with an email address or log in if you already have an account. Tap the option you wish to proceed with.
3. Challenges- You will be given playlists to choose from and people to challenge (either random players of Facebook friends). When a challenge is made, you will hear five song clips. Tap the answer that corresponds with the song being played. The answers may be the song title or artist. After the 5 songs are played, you’ll see if you got the correct answers and the time. If challenged, you get the same songs your opponent played and try to beat their number of correct answers and/or time in case you both got the same number correct.
4. Repeating- This mode of challenge and acceptance continues. Each time you play a genre, you gain experience toward mastery of that genre. The more stars you get, the more songs get unlocked.