How to Prevent Lags in Fire TV

Complaints about slow speeds aren’t uncommon for people using Amazon Fire TV devices. Amazon has updated to a newer version of Android due to performance upgrades thus overhauling the interface with a more modern design. Such changes take a toll on the performance of your device thus making it lag.
Here are a few Actions you can Take to Stop your Fire TV from Lagging.

1. Restart your Device
Just like any other device, a sporadic restart can help with a lagging Fire TV device especially if you leave it plugged in and running all the time. You can either restart it from your Fire TV menu or unplug it and plug it in. For a restart:

From the Fire TV menu select ‘Settings’ then ‘Device’ followed by ‘Restart’

2. Clear Cache and Data
● Go to the Fire TV menu button and select ‘Settings’ then ‘Applications’ ‘Manage Installed Application’

● Select the app you want to clear data or cache then select ‘Clear Data’ then ‘Clear Cache’ This also prevents apps that you’ve forced to stop from reloading.

3. ‘Force Stop’ the Unused Apps
You can stop the apps that can’t be uninstalled because they come in-built or the ones you want to keep even though you don’t use as often from running in the background.

● From the menu button press Settings followed by Applications then Manage Installed Applications

● Click on the application you want to stop and select ‘Force Stop’

4. 'Uninstall' Unused Apps
Both apps and add-ons take up a lot of memory space and when they run in the background, your Fire TV device can start lagging. Regularly check to see if there are any apps or add-ons that you don’t use and uninstall them.

How to Uninstall Apps from your Fire TV Device
● Go to the menu button and press ‘Settings’ then ‘Applications’ followed by ‘Manage Installed Applications’

● Select the application or add-on you don’t use or you want to get rid of and click ‘Uninstall’ then ‘Uninstall’ to confirm.

[Note:There are several other ways to prevent lags in your Fire TV, these are just a few]