How To Project Windows Phone Screens Wirelessly to TV, Monitor, or Projector

If you have a phone running on Windows 8.1, you my want to take advantage of a feature that allows you to project your phone screen to your computer or television. With these features, you'll be able to see files, media, and other stuff from your phone on a bigger screen. You can project your screen using either a USB cable or through a wireless connection. Here's how you can project your Windows phone screen wirelessly to a second monitor.

1. First, go to "Settings" and tap "Project my screen." Choose the type of device you want your phone to connect to. By default, your phone will automatically detect any nearby device with a wireless display connection that is compatible with your Windows phone.


2. To choose the type of screen orientation you have, tap "Advanced" and type your preference on the space under "External Screen Orientation."


3. If your phone has difficulty pairing with an external monitor, you can solve this problem by tapping "Advanced" then "Fix." If you're still having issues, you might need to update your phone. Check your Windows phone's website if there are any updates available for your phone and follow the installation steps.