How to Purchase Upgrades in Subway Surfers


As you complete runs in Subway Surfers, you'll notice that there's an array of power-ups to pick up along the way that provide different abilities. All of these abilities are geared to help you pick up more coins, level up faster, and have a little extra fun!

Currently, the abilities that you can grab during runs are as follows:

Jetpacks » They're as cool as they sound! Jetpacks allow you to fly up above the course to grab long lines of coins in the sky, without having to worry about obstacles. Plus, they leave a rainbow trail in their wake!


Super Sneakers » Picking these up allows you to jump on top of tall obstacles, such as trains, or jump over obstacles you would typically have to roll under. Basically, they put a little bounce in your step!


Coin Magnets » These bring all of the coins to you and allow you to take it easy for a few seconds.


2x Multiplier » All of the coins you collect while this ability is active count double.

To get the most out of these abilities, you can use coins to purchase upgrades for them, boosting their duration when you pick them up in-game.

How to Purchase Upgrades from the In-Game Shop

1. Open Subway Surfers;
2. Tap the Shop icon in the bottom right of the main screen;


3. Scroll down to the Upgrades section and tap your desired upgrade;


4. Tap Buy to purchase the upgrade for the noted coin amount. On your next run, that ability's duration will be longer! That's it!