How to Quick Edit Screenshots on the MacBook Pro

While on other PCs you need to open a separate application to edit a screenshot, on the MacBook Pro you can do this right after taking a screenshot in the same window itself. This saves a ton of time and allows for a much needed ease of access. Screenshots are without doubt a very handy tool to be used at a moment’s notice, and if you use a MacBook Pro a whole array of editing options are available to you for usage. Here’s how to do this:

Step 1
Press the key combination ‘Command + Shift +3’ to screenshot your entire screen, or ‘Command + Shift+ 4’ to screenshot only a part of the screen.

Step 2
After you’ve taken the screenshot, double click and open the file which has been saved on the desktop.

Step 3
This opens the image in the Apple Preview app. On the top bar of this you can see a host of editing options to choose from such as cop and rotate.

Step 4
To get even more option you will need to click on the ‘Markup’ button and the markup toolbar will be made visible which will provide you with even more options such as adding text, adding lines, resize, color adjustment, adding signatures, etc.

These tools allow you to quickly add some basic edits to the screenshots you have taken without opening a secondary application. If you wish to access more editing options you can do it by using the Keynote application but this will require launching a secondary application. With the preview options you can quick take a screenshot, edit it, and send it to someone without wasting any time at all.
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