How to Read Books on an iPhone

iBooks, a built-in app in iOS 11, enables you to download and read the books from your favorite authors right on your iPhone.
To enhance your reading experience, the app’s intuitive and user-friendly interface also offers several other features including managing the display brightness, fonts, etc.
Apart from this, iBooks even keeps you updated with the new additions to their e-books’ database with the help of the ‘Top Chart’ and ‘Top Authors’ tabs.
Here’s how you can use iBooks to read your favorite books on your iPhone:
    Initialize iBooks
    Tap iBooks from the Home screen. This opens the iBooks interface. If this is the first time you’ve started iBooks, you’ll be prompted to use iCloud storage to store all your books.

    iCloud storage decision
    Tap Use iCloud or Not Now (for this demonstration). While tapping Use iCloud lets you save all your books to the iCloud storage from where they can be accessed from any device as long as they are logged in with your iCloud account, tapping Not Now saves the downloaded e-books on your iPhone’s local storage.

    Choose content type
    Tap Allow or Not Now when prompted for the explicit contents. Where tapping Allow shows the explicit contents in the results, choosing Not Now hides them. The latter can be selected if you are setting up the device for your kids, and want them to view the contents only suitable for their age group.

    Look for a book
    From the All Books window that opens first, tap Featured (used for this demonstration), Top Chart, or Search from the bottom. The Featured window shows the books available for you to download, whereas the Top Chart window has two tabs namely Books and Top Authors that, on the basis of reviews and rankings, display the best books and the books by best authors respectively. Unlike these two, the Search window lets you manually search your favorite e-books.




    Get your book
    From any of the available tabs (Featured for this demonstration), tap the thumbnail image of the book you want to download, tap GET (for a free book), and follow the on-screen instructions from there. This starts the download. Depending on the size of the book and the speed of your Internet connection, the download time may vary. Optionally, you can tap SAMPLE to download an excerpt of the book before downloading. The SAMPLE option comes in handy when the book has a price tag, and you want to ensure that it is worth buying.






    Read your book

Tap READ once the download completes. This opens the book from the first page, and you can start reading the book from there.


Note: If you’ve downloaded multiple books, they can be accessed from the All Books window that can be opened by tapping My Books from the bottom-left corner.