How to Receive a Text Message with the Weather Forecast

You don't want to carry an umbrella every day, but you also don't want to be caught without one when you need it. You don't need the weatherman to tell you the forecast, though - you can get The Weather Channel's forecast via text message by subscription or on-demand.


After activating this feature you will receive a local 36-hour forecast every day. You can sign up online by going to this link.

You can also sign up via text message.
1. Go to ‘message’ option on your device.

2. And select ‘new message/compose message’ option to write the message.

3. Type in "SUB + FCST + your 5 digit US zipcode" & send it to 42278 or 78676
ex. "SUB FCST 32619"

4. You're good to go! You'll get a 36-hour forecast via SMS from The Weather Channel every day.

Note: This service is not available on the Sprint/Nextel, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. To get the weather forecast continuously you should browse the mobile web or download one of their apps.

To stop your subscription:
1. Reply "STOP" to any message.
2. For help, you can text ‘HELP’ to 42278 or 78676, or can go to, or email at

Don’t need the weather forecast every day or don’t want to subscribe? You can get on-demand weather forecast info for any U.S. city via text message anytime. As it’s not a subscription, you will only receive a forecast when you request it.

1. Go to ‘write message/compose message’ option on your phone.

2. Write a message with your ‘zip code’ or city and 2 letter State abbreviation for your state & send it to 42278 or 78676.
3. On the reply message you will get the forecast info instantly.

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