How to Record your iPhone Screen Using your MacBook Pro


The Mac OS X Yosemite has been given a built-it recorder using which you can not only record the screen of your MacBook, but also record the screens of your Apple mobile devices such as an iPhone or an iPad. Although the application still has bugs to it, it is a great and easy feature to use. However, not all apps will allow you to record the screen while they are on, such as Netflix. But for other apps you can record the entire screen and have the video directly saved on to your MacBook Pro for later usage. Follow these steps to perform this feature:

Step 1
Connect your iPhone to your MacBook pro using a lightning cable.

Step 2
Go to the applications list on your MacBook Pro and open the ‘Quicktime Player’.

Step 3
Open the ‘File’ tab from the overhead menu, and select the option titles ‘New Movie Recording’.

Step 4
Once the recording window opens next to the record button there will be a 'Small Arrow facing Downwards', click on it.

Step 5
A list will open with all the devices connected to your MacBook Pro including your iPhone, select it.

Step 6
Select the microphone option and click on the name of your iPhone when it appears. This will allow for the recording of both your phone’s screen and audio. If you don’t want to record the audio, skip this step.

Step 7
Hit record and use your phone for whatever activity you wish to and keep it connected to the MacBook via the lightning cable. All your actions should now be recorded into a video file on your MacBook Pro.

You can perform the same trick with an iPad as long as it’s connected to your MacBook Pro.