How to recover lost data on your Android Smartphone


Apparently ‘recovering lost data on Android phone’ is one of the most searched for terms in Google. That means a lot of you are playing around with your phones before backing it up. If you find yourself in this unenviable position, here’s how to recover lost data on your Android smartphone.

There are several ways to find lost data. The first is to sync the phone with your Google account. Google saves contacts, calendars and lots of other information to the cloud which you can access through your Gmail account. Just enable internet access or 4G and the phone should sync automatically. Otherwise remove and re-add your primary Gmail account to force a sync.

The second is to use tools to recover lost data. You will first need to enable USB debugging on the smartphone.

1. Navigate to Settings, About phone and tap the build number 5 times.
2. Navigate to Settings, Developer options, USB debugging and enable.

Once you have USB debugged enabled, you can try to recover the lost data on your Android Smartphone. You can try either of these:

1. Download a file recovery tool onto your PC.
2. Connect your smartphone via USB and set the mode to USB for file transfer.
3. See if the tool can recover the data.


1. Download a file recovery app on your smartphone.
2. Run the app and see if it can recover the files.

There are lots of tools and Android file recovery apps so it pays to spend a few minutes checking them out. As with any app, not all are created equal!

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